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We Specialize in Church Accounting

Religious and faith-based organizations need the expertise and guidance of an accounting firm experienced with church accounting. Today, churches, synagogues, and faith-based organizations of all sizes face a new era of accountability, regulation and scrutiny as never seen before.

Accounting Link USA is dedicated to helping your organization become stronger so it can thrive and grow. We have a reputation for providing high quality service with a personal touch. Our specialized experience and guidance can help you make informed business decisions, incorporate the best stewardship practices, reduce costs and chart a path that will keep you on track. Visit our church accounting website>>

Going Beyond Traditional Accounting

Accounting Link USA is a full service accounting firm, that is dedicated to making a positive impact on our clients business success! Now your company can eliminate a majority of the hours and dollars spent on accounting tasks and focus that time and money on income-producing activities. 

Industries We Serve

Accounting Link USA is fully aware that accounting requirements differ from business to business so we deliver the help you need according to your industry. We provide professional accounting services to small businesses in the following industries:

Professional Services Consumer Services
Healthcare Non-Profits
Law Firms Construction

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